Salmonberries: Not so fishy

I found some salmonberries, Rubus spectablilis, hiking last week in a coastal forest near Manzanita, Oregon. They look and taste similar to raspberries, and are traditionally a staple food of indigenous people here. They may have gotten their name from their color, although the rumor is that they were customarily eaten with salmon roe.

I also often see salmonberry bushes in Portland-area forests and in people’s landscaping in the urban areas. The plant has red-brown peely bark and three-part leaves with star-shaped pink flowers.

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2 thoughts on “Salmonberries: Not so fishy

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  2. Both the sprouts and the berries were eaten. Too full of moisture for drying, they were often mixed with other dried foods such as salmon spawn. They were also mixed with oolichan (source for “oregon”) greaseto add moisture.

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