Purslane: Fatty acids for free!

Purslane is one of my favorite weeds. It loves to grow through the cracks in sidewalks and it stays succulent even in the hottest days of summer. It’s rich in iron, vitamins A and C, and believe it or not, omega-3 fatty acids! Purslane has a mild taste of no particular effect, so you can munch it raw like I do, or boil it with seasoning.

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2 thoughts on “Purslane: Fatty acids for free!

  1. I pick purslane from my local P-patch. It grows wild outside of the cultivated beds. After I rinse it really well, I put it into my nightly fruit smoothy with a little tofu and cashews and voila! There isn’t a vegetable taste at all. It’s just free good nutrition.

  2. Great to see what you are doing here Becky! We love Purslane too(commonly called “pigweed” here in PA). I find it has a mild lemony flavor when cooked. We saute onion, turn the heat off and mix in the raw purslane and cover it just long enough for it to wilt. It’s delicious and something we look forward to enjoying every summer. My guess is that this unlocks more nutrients, but doesn’t damage the plant much as it never reaches a high temperature. It’s always good to see someone new on the scene who wants to share a fresh (earth friendly) perspective.

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