Animals are teachers too

City animals are fantastic teachers because they’re experts at surviving in the wild — even when the wild is an urban environment. When I gathered acorns with friends in the wilderness skills school TrackersNW, I was surprised by how tedious it can be to crack the shells and get to the eatin’. It took a group of about seven people several hours to process a few gallons worth of acorns, using a hammer to crack the shells, our finger nails to extract the meat, and a grinder to smush it into a flour. But crafty crow birds have efficiency all figured out: They drop acorns on roadways, wait for heavy cars to roll over the shells, and then swoop in for the meat. Crows inspire me to think creatively about my surroundings to maximize efficiency, and to consider how modernity can look through wild eyes.

One thought on “Animals are teachers too

  1. Funny, I would think all of those pesticides in the grass would be toxic for dogs. My dogs always threw up whenever they tried to eat some. Okay, not funny haha…

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