Thanksgiving Week Survival Challenge!!!

From Friday November 20 through Thanksgiving, I’ll be eating a 100% wild diet foraged from the yards, sidewalks and parks of the city of Portland, Oregon! I will be blogging daily about my adventures here, including photos, video and writings about the foods I find, how I prepare them, how I’m feeling and what I learn from the experience. You can also follow me on Twitter @ UrbanForager! This project is made by possible by sponsorship from, a nonprofit organization that explores sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based living.

The first time I attempted a wild food week in May I struggled to get enough calories and only made it 5 days before succumbing to hunger and weakness, but this go-round I’m determined to make it the whole way through! Not only is the harvest season a more abundant time for wild food, but I also have the benefits of the lessons I learned in my last attempt, such as the importance of paying attention to seasonal availability in time to store the good stuff, and involving my “tribe.” I’ve also been prepping by eating less food than I usually do in order to get used to being a little bit hungry.

The menu this time will include hawthorn berries, stinging nettles, mushrooms, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, crab apples, yellow dock greens and seeds, chickweed, dandelion, the historic staple food of native people called wapato, and even fat from a roadkill deer! Stay tuned!

Are you wondering why I’m bothering? Check out what I learned last time.

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