Fabulous newspaper story!

Crab apple

Journalist Gene Racz did a fabulous interview with me about the epiphanies I had during the Thanksgiving wild food week. Click here to read all about it in today’s Home News Tribune newspaper out of East Brunswick, NJ!


“When I walk outside now, I look to see what trees I can eat from if I needed to,” said Lerner. “I look to see what plants can do for me rather than looking at them as kind of some piece of irrelevant furniture that happens to be there and has no particular value.

“I look at them and say, “Oh, that plant could actually heal me if I just learned how it worked, or, “That plant could actually nourish me if I don’t have anything to eat.’ “

(Just one minor correction: The article incorrectly reports that the project lasted 6 days, but in fact I did it for 7 days.)

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