2010: Moonlight Adventures and More

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Dear First Ways community,

2010 has amazing new things in store, starting with a very special full moon animal adventure this coming weekend. I can’t give away all my surprises, but I can tell you that among the new year’s goodies will be more frequent posts (I’m aiming for twice a week), and also videos, podcasts and guest bloggers coming soon. You’ll be seeing me in the mainstream media again as well.

If you have any questions, tips or topics that you’d like to see covered, write to me! And if you like this blog, please consider sharing First Ways with your friends. Find me on Facebook here or follow me on Twitter!

Keep It Wild,

Becky a.k.a. “Wild Girl”

E-mail: RebeccaELerner(AT)gmail.com

One thought on “2010: Moonlight Adventures and More

  1. since survival challenge one may 2009
    have shared what you are doing
    with someone new ‘everyday’!
    you and your friends,
    your site and your links have done
    almost all the prep-work-intro-referential-inspiration
    for any wanna-be would-be forager.

    herein, a modest proposal…
    a world-wide continous-13-moon urban-foraging-relay

    to help carry ‘wild girl’ becky’s urban-foraging-survival-challenge further out there to one-n-all
    to help forge world-wide bioregional foraging alliances
    person by person
    watershed by watershed
    river-basin by river-basin
    land-mass by land-mass
    am ready and willing to take on any part
    of a moon cycle for 13 continuous moons
    (*specifically for myself
    the last quarter of each cycle
    starting this next moon cycle,
    21 days from this new moon/solar eclipse*)

    a modest proposal…
    a world-wide continous-13-moon urban-foraging-relay…
    a trans-continental urban-foraging-survival-challenge
    a continuous educational-experimental-experiential relay

    anyone can take on as much
    or as little as they feel so inclined
    dropping in and/or out as willing and able
    bringing in friends and media as so inclined
    sharing whatever along the way

    welcome any suggestions on how to further formulate
    finalize and coordinate any of this

    a foraging friend

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