Visions of Plant Consciousness

Painting by Alex Grey

Reality Sandwich is an esteemed web magazine covering shamanism, sustainability, and entheogenic thought — and they just published my essay on foraging as a link to plant consciousness! Here’s an excerpt:

Once upon a time, we all knew our mother. Now, stretched as far from her as we have ever been, society has begun to boomerang. The intuitive longing for the return of a close relationship has finally transcended societal fringes to manifest in the mainstream. This is illustrated by the success of “green” and “natural” labels in advertising, and most poignantly by the explosive popularity of the movie “Avatar.” The film’s hero leaves a gray futuristic machine world and immerses himself in a beautiful jungle paradise on an alien planet. He learns how to live with the flora and fauna of this psuedo-Amazon, acquiring a deep respect for the planet’s inner spirit and becoming so intimately connected with it that he interacts psychically with it, using meditation to upload and download wisdom.

Foraging offers the real-life “Avatar” experience: plugging into a new dimension you didn’t know you were always a part of.

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Reality Sandwich is published by Daniel Pinchbeck, a friend and the author of the bestseller “2012: The Return of Quetzacoatl.”

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