9 thoughts on “New Video: Urban Foraging with ‘Wild Girl’!

  1. well well, as a fellow promoter for better understanding of our botanical neighbors i am always happy to find good quality material out there, and you Rebecca have a great gift with words, thanks, love your writings, love your way to present the beauty under our feet.
    I will eagerly link you to my side of the world (i’m in Australia).
    Also, have a look, you’l be surprised how similar are the species which best cope with our concrete and tar.. or should i say the species which have been following us around for longer?
    Love you work Rebecca, find mine at weedyconnection.com

  2. Thanks. I really appreciate your sharing these ways with us. Urban foraging brings an entire new dimension to the Situationists’ concept of the “derive” or drift as a way to experience a city or town. Worlds within worlds.

  3. This video is great, video is the perfect format for this actually taking people out with you and introducing them to the plants. I hope you do more, great work.

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