“When all this was trees”

Part Batman, part guerrilla punk, the enigmatic British street artist known as Banksy is at it again.

Banksy’s known for creating clever juxtapositions that alternate between humor and poignancy. Some of his most famous graffiti paintings are critiques of the “first-world” civilization and industrialization from the perspective of animals and children. Here’s one:

And another:

He’s known mostly for his graffiti but he works in other mediums as well. Here’s a video of an installation he did in a U.K. museum called “Banksy vs. Bristol.”

I’m excited to see the new Banksy film called “Exit Through The Gift Shop.” It’s already out in NYC and LA but is coming to Portland later this week. The art world’s abuzz and the media is confused. Have you seen it? What’d you think?

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