Urban Foraging Walk Info

Emily with yellow dock seeds

Emily & I are offering an edible plant walk this coming Sunday, June 6, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the corner of NE 23rd & Alberta. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes, bringing water, and depending on your learning style, perhaps having a pen and paper available for notes. You might also want a camera to take photos of the plants, or maybe some scotch tape to attach samples into your notebook.

Please e-mail me at RebeccaELerner[at]gmail.com to register in advance and get the $13 rate. If you don’t register please bring $15 to class. More info on the classes page.

Speaking of that classes page, I send my apologies to anyone who might have been confused by the schedule info. We initially hoped to offer classes regularly twice a month but this intention exceeded demand, at least at the moment. Thus the page will be updated as new class dates are set…hopefully soon!

One thought on “Urban Foraging Walk Info

  1. hey!! this is ben from monday. i wont be able to make it this sunday. i forgot i have to work :( next time for sure, i really want to check your walk out and learn about whats edible in an urban setting as well as in the forest. sorry about missing your class.. i didnt know how else to let u know but to leave a comment hope u get this? all the best, benjamin

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