Flower Fritters

Edible wild flowers add fun colors to raw salads, but they can also be added to pancake or fritter batter and fried. My friend Margot and I tried this with an assortment of mallow, dandelion, day lily and everlasting pea flowers recently.

The artist at work

The fritters came out pretty well!

But first we were sure to have fun with the ingredients!

We are all about playing with our food!

3 thoughts on “Flower Fritters

  1. Have you tried black locust flowers in fritters yet? There aren’t many of those trees in portland, but I’ve read they are good. Cool trees. I have one in a planter, but it’s being babysat about 100 miles away.

    How are these fritters different than fritters without flowers? Do they add much flavor? Texture?

    Thanks for the great posts!

    • Thanks for your comment, Anthony! I haven’t tried black locust flowers — I will look into that. Thanks for the tip! No, I didn’t notice that the flowers added much in the way of flavor or texture to the fritters, just a fun thing to add in.

  2. Nice shirt! We had a great time on the plant walk, I’m sure I’ll be keeping an eye out for snacks on our walks from now on.

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