Friends With Yards: A Forager’s Spoils

FirstWays Headquarters, Portland, OR

April Streeter, a reporter for a new Portland web magazine called Enzyme, contacted me to ask how the trespassing laws affect my ability to forage. Mostly, they haven’t, because I’ve been harvesting either from vacant lots, alleyways or the edges of yards. And fortunately I have also been able to gather weeds from friends’ gardens. (Above, you’ll see mullein and lemon balm). When that isn’t possible and I want to dig roots, I use CraigsList to post an ad offering free weeding for someone with a chemical-free lawn. Actually, that’s how I met Margot (the artist featured in the flower fritters post below). Fellow foraging readers, How do you forage? Do the laws interfere?

Want to come eat weeds with me? The next Urban Foraging 101 walk with myself and Emily Porter is Sunday Aug. 22 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., meeting at NE 23rd Ave & Alberta. Includes plant ID walk, smoking circle and mystery tincture meditation. $20 day of the walk, or $15 if you sign up in advance. Please note that we have to raise our rates going forward, so this is the last time you can come for just $15! Sign up by e-mailing your name to RebeccaELerner[at]gmail[dot]com. More info here. See you there!

One thought on “Friends With Yards: A Forager’s Spoils

  1. Generally I stick to my own property, or else public or semi-public places, but I do admit I’ve ventured occasionally onto the edge of some land that isn’t mine to grab one or two things that I saw from the road, or whatever. Of course I only wander onto property of people who I’m pretty sure wouldn’t mind in the first place. So far my experiences in “being caught” doing this have all been positive. People are far more interested in what I am doing than in being mad at me for invading their space. I had one guy tell me I was more than welcome to wander on his property anytime I wanted…

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