Breaking News: Cat Killer Strikes Urban Sit Spot

R.I.P. and thanks for your feathers

My favorite bird in my neighborhood is the one you’re looking at above, unfortunately. I found it destroyed this morning, behind a bush near my sit spot. A sit spot, for anyone who may not be familiar with the term, is a classic learning tool for naturalists. It’s a place you regularly go to sit quietly and observe the patterns of the place: which plants grow when, which animals live there and how they interact with each other, and so on. It gives you a strong sense of place and creates a foundation you can later build upon as you move your awareness to the broader world. My sit spot happens to be the front stoop of my apartment building. This morning I watched a spider crawl delicately across her web and eat a tiny fly. The trap was cleverly constructed in front of a light. And then I looked at the damp mulch, wet from the rain last night, and I saw the decapitated bird head and the blue feathers strewn about. It is a bummer.

Invasive Species/Murder Suspect

I know this local stray cat pretty well. I would actually consider her a friend. When she sees me, she runs up to greet me and walks next to me for blocks if I’m strolling around, and one time she even sat on my lap, which I took a picture of at left. Unfortunately, I suspect that she killed my other friend, the jay. Damn invasive species screwing up the local ecosystem.

I want to make something of my friend’s beautiful blue feathers. Any suggestions for what I should do with them?

In other news:

* Are you or someone you know a Seattle-based urban forager? Environmental Anthropologist Melissa Poe is, and she’s looking for others for a research project. She wants to document the use of wild plants for food, crafts and medicine so that urban planners and public officials will see academic research backing our cultural practice, and hopefully craft public spaces that respect it. Very cool project! Get in touch with Melissa by e-mailing: mpoe[at]ifcae[dot]org

* Anna from RewildEugene has a recipe for elderberry syrup on her blog here.

Then explore many more wild plants on the Search Plants! page.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Cat Killer Strikes Urban Sit Spot

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss of your friend, the blue jay. But don’t throw all the blame in the cat. A person bred this cat-without-a-home. That’s the real tragedy.

  2. We took in a stray cat several years ago that was prone to attacking birds. I tried everything to train him not to do this – cat bibs, scolding, detention. My husband and I went on a low-carb diet and decided our cat should go on one too. A local grocer grinds up chicken necks/backs and sells them as pet food. Our cat no longer attacks birds – prefers mice.

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