Smokin Sassafras: Guest Post by Consurrectionary!

Matty B smokes out of a walnut shell and forsythia bush stem

Howdy, so I tried smoking sassafras bark last night. I scraped the bark off of young two-foot high sprouts harvested from an area I weeded. After letting the thin strips dry in my hankerchief, I added the curly greenish brown material to several smoking blends and rolled up some jawns.

According to studies posted on, sassafras bark contains about 85% safrole oil. Safrole oil is a chemical precursor to MDMA, which when smoked, trip reporters share that ze induces a similar, though shorter-lived experience. Last night, after smoking sassafras I definitely felt a natural lifting up and more at ease expressing myself, especially emotionally.

For the first smoke, sassafras bark topped a blend gifted from a friend. Later in the night I rolled the root-beer-smelling strips in with lavender, tobacco, and sweet grass. The addition of sassafras gave the smoke a soothing, cooling and slippery effect and my lungs felt similar to the mucilaginous gummy sensation that arises whenever I eat the leaves. This moisturizing quality allowed me to take deeper pulls and hold the smoke longer without any burning.

I will note here that I’ve heard from a primitive skills teacher and friend that mouth smoking provides 80% as much absorption as lung smoking with comparably zero negative health effects to the lungs. I don’t have much experience testing this on my own, so do what makes sense to you.

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Sassafras can be easily identified by hir expression of three different leaf shapes. One expression has two lobes and looks like a mitten, another has three lobes like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hand, and the other appears as an entire simple shape (see image above).

Anywho, my sassafras experience ended with a very enjoyable trip to a queer bar for dancing, and I dare say, my first time ever leaving a bar with another fella.

Medicinally, according to, sassafras acts as an “alterative, anodyne, antiseptic, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, diuretic, stimulant and vasodilator.” The Erowid page on Sassafras does not contain much information, though the two trip reports support mine, and one even shares the particulars of sweet dancing and love, :1.

All the best,

Matty B

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Now I don’t know about you, but I’m off to go look for some Sassafras! Matty’s in Philly but I think I’ve seen some in Oregon.

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  1. I took cedar redwood from the marsh dried it out grinded it down soaked it in grapefruit oil panaway oil and ocotea oil for 30min put it in a spoon and dried it out with a lighter and got so high I couldnt sit down thanks mom for buying essential oils great high racing heart racing to do something idk sheez

  2. I appreciate you covering Smokin Sassafras: Guest Post by Consurrectionary!
    | First Ways. I am just absolutely fulfilled that somebody would article something like this.
    The situation reminds me a little of potencias but that’s another article entirely. Have a amazing day!

  3. well personal i smoked a fat bowl pack of sassafras root bark and it didnt do a damn thing for me I also read on diff pages that the oil from the brak on the roots when engested would be nothing like mdma and only slightly eurphoric for most if ur lucky personal i ll waste 15 bucks on e instead of digging root for like 30 min

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  5. Thanx so much for this post. I’d like to refer to it and you and Marty B in my blog. Please come visit. Let’s share notes! After reading this I added some Sassafras bark to some Willow bark and had a most enjoyable smoke.

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