New Zealand forager inspires lawmakers to ban herbicides

Thanks to my Twitter pal and New Zealand-based urban forager @HelenLehndorf for passing this inspiring TV news video along. Follow me on Twitter @UrbanForager.

How inspiring is this?!? That’s one way to make “grassroots activism” meaningful!! Her work makes me think of this nonprofit in New Jersey called Common Cause, which advocates for government transparency, because it brings change by offering convenient and free downloadable templates of proposals that citizens can bring before local governments. It would be awesome if a lawyer out there could do something like that for herbicide bans, so that people all over the world or at least the U.S. could print out a form, get a bunch of signatures and make it happen. If any readers out there want to do this, I’d gladly make it available on FirstWays.

The great thing about foraging is that it carries the positive energy of creation and inspiration. Food and medicine are about nurturing and healing. I like bringing a new way of seeing to the public consciousness that precludes destructive practices like weed killing. As foragers, we can inspire others to see what amazing gifts Earth offers us all.

Foraging is a great message because it speaks to us all; there is no us vs. them. It embodies that same spirit the one Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo eloquently expressed in his statement, “I Have No Enemies.”

What thoughts did this video bring up for you?

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