4 thoughts on “A Roadkill Seagull Adventure

  1. I think it is a good idea not to eat a seagull. They eat fish and there is so much mercury in the fish unless they are from the far north.

  2. Off topic. I tried to respond to your recent comment to me inquiring about my raw diet on Facebook under your post about the elderberry tincture, and FB was weird and would not let me do that. So here it is: When I am feeling better and have more energy I will tell you more about my diet. A raw diet can be the easiest of all food to prepare. The raw food which is the easiest to prepare and most helpful to me is green juice. A cuke and a bunch of greens, some ginger and garlic and a tart apple makes a great juice. REALLY energizing. Also helps heal. Green smoothies are great, too. 2 cups of water, an apple or other fruit, and a bunch of greens in a blender. Also very energizing, but not as strong a zap as the green juice. Green juices and green smoothies are the foods which do the most to support my health, short of super foods, which I also eat. I also eat wild foods of course. Best food on the planet. I plan to take one of your classes about wild greens in the Spring. I live in Portland, too. Thanks for the inquiry. Get well soon :) See you in the Spring.

  3. I initially did consider eating it, but it was too warm outside and the seagull had been there for an undetermined amount of time. That, and my friends who actually eat roadkill balked at the idea of a seagull. They said it would not be safe to eat because of the seagull’s sketchy diet.

  4. When I saw the title of this entry I wondered if you were going to eat it. Safer to just collect the feathers, though I hope you washed you hands well after handling the dead bird.

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