Friday Top 5: Animal herbalists, Langdon Cook and more

Lemur. (Photographer unknown).

* Animals are herbalists too. Cosmos Magazine listed the top 9 ways animals use plants, from insect repellant to prenatal care.

* Have you heard of Langdon Cook? He’s not just a fellow forager blogger, he’s also a gifted storyteller who wrote a fun memoir about his adventures gathering ferns, mushrooms and coastal fauna called “Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager”. I read it and liked it a lot. And if you live near Seattle, you can sign up for his stinging nettle class in March.

* Chickweed, Stellaria media, is a delicious salad green you can find anywhere with a mild winter climate right now, including the Pacific Northwest. Here’s my advice on how to identify it. And here are two recipes created by my friend Emily.

* Peak oil activist Jan Lundberg lives on a sailboat in Portland. He’s been bracing for societal collapse for decades and calling for peaceful change the whole time. Check out his thoughtful critique of Derrick Jensen’s militant approach here.

* You gotta see Cryptoforest, a blog about urban reforestation, art and foraging in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It’s my new favorite. I also enjoyed this post on the Wild Resiliency blog on a new field of science called trans-species psychology. What blogs are you reading and loving?

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