Don’t Eat Your Neighbor and Other Tips for WTSHTF

Will you really face zombie kittehs WTSHTF? Or just a power outage?

* I love that California forager blogger Feral Kevin wrote a blog post called“How To Eat Fried Human.” The interwebz are abuzz with anxiety over the mythical day we might wake up to find The System collapsed upon us, also known as “When The Shit Hits The Fan.” It essentially means the grocery stores are closed and there’s no gas or electricity. Oddly, lots of people seem to think that hoarding guns and ammo is a good way to prepare, as if armed robbery and cannibalism could ever amount to anything other than a grim and shortsighted plan.

Some better ideas for how to survive WTSHTF? Foraging seasonally for acorns, seaweed and fruits with your friends, urban farming with your neighbors, getting water via rain harvesting, helping organizations like the Community Food Security Coalition, learning folk medicine, practicing primitive living skills, and how about front-yard share-cropping? Survival is a collective activity. Hunter-gatherers only go out into the wilderness alone for vision quests and rites of passage for a reason — and even then they do so after a lifetime spent in the bush. The solo survivalist is a Western myth; ditch it now. The best insurance plan is an empowered community.

* For the Hopi take on what’s to come, read this beautiful essay called “Awakening the Indigenous Mind” by Robert Tindall and Susana Bustos.

* Emily Porter will teach you how to identify wild carrot in her new video here. No need to worry about mistaking it for poison hemlock any longer!

* Bee biologists say we need to plant more flowers to save the bees. Save the bees, save the world. Sadly, some estimate the bee population declined by a shocking 96% after the ironically named Environmental Protection Agency allowed farmers to use a pesticide toxic to bees, according to Wikileaks. How else can we help the bees? Let lawns and parks go wild with weeds, especially clover. Ban pesticides. And check out this list of bee-friendly gardening tips from the University of California at Berkeley.

* In his book “Columbus and Other Cannibals,” anthropologist Jack D. Forbes argues that destroying the Earth and other people out of greed is literally a form of cannibalism, a psychotic illness called “wetiko” in the Cree language. I first heard of this idea in an essay by Portland therapist Paul Levy, who is known for advocating the theory that schizophrenic breaks are actually shamanic awakenings that go unrecognized by Western civilization. A fascinating idea — what do you think? Are mental hospitals filled with society’s would-be healers?

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  1. Interesting article in WSJ from yesterday 1/29 by Matt Ridley – regarding declining populations of frogs and toads. He raises some interesting points about the research actually possibly adding to the problem. Does not discount the chemical pollution problems but was interesting nonetheless.

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