Vandana Shiva: Hunger, GMOs & the War on Weeds

What motivated 10,000 Haitian farmers to burn thousands of pounds of GMO seeds donated by Monsanto? Why do American farmers fear the company’s mutant alfalfa? And what might this have to do with wild edible plants?

These are the questions that piqued my curiosity and sent me searching for answers. In the video clip above, internationally recognized expert Vandana Shiva offers a fascinating primer on GMOs and weeds.

Below, Shiva explains how corporations artificially create hunger in the third world in order to “solve it” with GMOs.

Both videos are clips from the documentary “The Future of Food,” available for free on Hulu or at the film’s web site here

For an in-depth lecture on the science of GMO dangers, click here to watch a video featuring Jeffrey M. Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception.”

Thanks to my friends on Facebook for introducing me to these educators.

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3 thoughts on “Vandana Shiva: Hunger, GMOs & the War on Weeds

  1. On Kauai I did a t-shirt design for Syngenta’s Driver Awareness Week. Their slogan…”Better Safe than Buried” (these are Hawaiian locals). My design featured a truck careening through a guardrail, the driver on his cell phone looking at an open grave down the hill. The grave stone says RIP.

    Upon closer examination of the headstone, which alas is too fine to actually be readable on the shirts reads my epitaph to the GMO companies….

    “Here lie the ruins of the GMO companies who tried and failed to steal the birthright of our native seed.”

    A little subliminal power of intention.

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