Foraging Photos and News Update

*Photographer Joshua McCollough offered to accompany me on some foraging jaunts last week and took these photos above. (Though it might look like just grass, I’m actually grabbing a dandelion in the last one there).

*The photo below was taken by the lovely Sara Gray for a fun Q&A I did for ILiveHere:PDX, which you can read here.

*This summer you’ll find me profiled in an upcoming book by Matthias Geiger, an art professor at the University of California at Davis. It’s called “Parallel Universe,” and it also features Casey Fenton of, author Daniel Pinchbeck, and last I heard, mushroom guru Paul Stamets, among others. Geiger contacted me after reading this essay I wrote for the web magazine Reality Sandwich.

On his website, Geiger says: “Inhabitants of this ‘Parallel Universe’ are engaged in a deeply transformative process by renewing our relationship to birth, death, nutrition, science, ceremony, ritual, healing, art, business, community. This book featuring interviews and photographs is offering insights into a way of being we all can be inspired by.” Can’t wait to check it out.

*Also, this month you can see me in Mix magazine in this article alongside my friend Emily Porter and author John Kallas.

Thank you for reading First Ways. Stay tuned; many more adventures await.

2 thoughts on “Foraging Photos and News Update

  1. I agree with Lisa- those are some gorgeous photos. My maiden name is not Mcullough though, but I think I will claim relation somehow :).

  2. The photography is gorgeous. Since my maiden name was McCullough, I think I’ll claim to be a relative (whether I actually am or not)!

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