Full Moon Thoughts

Tonight will be a “super moon,” a full moon in which the moon comes closer to Earth than it has in 18 years. The moon has an effect on water, and water is within us too. Perhaps that has something to do with why last night I wrote a short piece that explores the nature of the internal rather than the external. It feels more personal than the sort of thing I usually would post on First Ways so to read it click here.

5 thoughts on “Full Moon Thoughts

  1. I can’t wait for you to post your dates for your classes! I’m totally going to make it up to pland for one this year!!

  2. Oh Rebecca. You are not alone. Because I feel like you do I unplug everything, including the fridge and wash my clothes in my bathwater and grow food in the front yard. I use one tank of gas a month. I heat with wood I find and cut up by hand. The one thing I don’t know how to give up is the internet. I am 63 and have been seeing this coming since I was 19, so I can assure you that you can learn to keep the grief from taking over your life. You do what you can to make a difference, like writing the stuff you do. Thank you for that.
    From my heart,

    • Thanks Rita. Oh believe me I adore the nifty technogadgets, I drive a car, I use the heat, and I am of course glued to the computer and the cell phone. We’re all collectively doing the techno thing — every single primitive skills/rewilder etc. type I know is. Right now it’s how we socialize and share our thoughts and information. When that disappears, then we’ll do it by the fire.

      I don’t want to live primitively in a rustic way. I am looking for primitive luxury actually — what happens when you are skilled and your land is well-stocked and thriving and you are part of a community of skilled individuals. That’s what I hope I’m helping create! I think it could be quite fun…

  3. Now you’re touching on my other hobby, amateur astronomy.

    3/19 Full Moon (known as the Crow, Lenten, and Sap Moon), the largest of 2011, occurs at 18:10; the Moon is at perigee, subtending 33 arc minutes from a distance of 356,575 kilometers (221,565 miles), at 19:09

    Times given are in Universal Time.

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