‘Waste Not, Want Not’ – Video

This really well-done short film won ‘Best Documentary’ at the Colorado College 2011 Student Film Festival this year. It features myself and friends I’m proud to know here in Portland talking about how we live in alternative ways. There are dumpster divers, a minimalist, and some really cool eco-villagers. It was produced, edited and directed by Tristan Dickison.

After I watched this film, I felt so inspired. Though I knew of dumpster diving and Food Not Bombs, I assumed that there was a limited quantity of food available and I didn’t really want to cut in, but this video done schooled me. It makes you really want to visit some dumpsters!

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5 thoughts on “‘Waste Not, Want Not’ – Video

  1. loved this video, never heard of dumpster diving and have just started foraging local plants from my area which is fun. I live in England so not sure if it’s as well known here but I would love to go to Portland and dive and forage with you guys. keep up the good work.

  2. It really showcase the wise use of resources. Alot of people think foraging and dumpster diving are gross. It’s disgusting to me to let all the goods go to waste. We go to our local dump site at least once a week to “dive” (we’re not actually allowed into the dumpsters, but they provide hooks to retrive items). This particular site (there are about 5 mini-sites in our county which waste is then transported to the main site) is near a ski resort and they throw out amazing stuff! I’ve gotten down comforters, clothes, coats, and furniture. You wouldn’t believe the smorgasbord of stuff! It’s unbelievable it’s gets thrown out. Thanks to you and your friends for a great video :). Peace.

  3. I loved that video! So many people think that dumpster diving is gross, but it’s totally not! What a great video to help dispel that myth!
    – Crash (aka Dixie Lou)

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