Tracking With the Kalahari Bushmen

Above is a fascinating documentary about the San bushmen, who call themselves “the sons and daughters of the first people,” a civilization of hunter-gatherers in Africa. The film is called “The Great Dance: A Hunter’s Story.” The narration and storytelling are incredibly beautiful.

Enjoy, and pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Tracking With the Kalahari Bushmen

  1. I did not find this film “beautiful” as you call it, but sad. I have chased and chased a horse until the moment it turns and connects to me, then as I turn as gently walk away it becomes a close friend. Death is not the end to my stories. Maybe where there’s little to eat, but dead flesh this is the way, but this in not my way. Growing food for the good of many others using trees, shrubs and distribution of seeds wherever there’s a place it can grow is hard work, but more worthy in my eyes that stealing a life: one from another.

  2. This film as TRANSFORMED me… thanks for the cue.

    We are giving a wild plant foraging course tomorrow here in qu├ębec.

    Nice to know you are there and the wave is catching on.

    come and visit


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