Recipe: Wild Urban Raspberry Jam

I spent the early summer evening today gathering nearly four cups of raspberries from a feral bush growing in an alleyway. Then I headed over to my friend Kimberly’s urban homestead to learn how to turn them into jam.

I was glad to find out how easy it is. All you need are sugar and some canning jars. Here’s Kimberly’s recipe:
– Rinse the berries
– Mash the berries with as much sugar as you have berries
– Bring to boil over medium heat and stir vigorously after 2 to 3 minutes
– Optional: To reduce foaming, you can add a pat of butter
– Let it boil for around 8 more minutes
– Check to see if the jam is congealing: Dip a frozen spoon into the cauldron — oops, I mean pot — and check to see if it looks and feels like gel. If it does, then remove from heat and ladle into sterilized glass mason jars. If it doesn’t, wait a little longer.
– The end.

Here’s the illustrated version of Kimberly’s recipe:

Sugar + wild urban raspberries = jam.


Boil & stir on medium heat until it thickens.


Ladle jam into glass jars.

If you submerge the jam-filled jars into a 15 minute boiling water bath, tightly sealed, they will keep up to a year. If you don’t, they’ll last a few months.

This recipe will work for blackberries too, because they also have their own pectin.

You can see Kimberly’s popular and more elaborate grape jelly recipe here.

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10 thoughts on “Recipe: Wild Urban Raspberry Jam

  1. wish i had made some jam with the raspberries i found growing in an alleyway near me (also here in portland) but i just couldn’t stop eating them! any plans to make blackberry jam?! just picked my first ones today…and there are more growing that should be ripening soon than i could possibly eat…i’m a total canning novice (actually never even done it) and wondering if you think it could work without so much (or any) sugar?

    • Nice to meet you, fellow Portland forager!

      I am a canning novice too — in fact, that post was my first time! I was lucky to have Kimberly to teach me. You could make jam with honey instead of sugar, as Patrick said below.

      I have big plans for blackberries. They are so big I am keeping them a secret until I post about it!

  2. thanks, i like a nice simple recipe (eg


    just a tip: if you use honey instead of sugar then you support ecological lovers – bees, not ecological destroyers – the sugar industry; you support the generative over the extractive.

    • That’s true. It was unbleached cane sugar. It’s what we had available. I couldn’t afford to buy honey. Also Kimberly thought it might change the consistency of the end result even if we could.

  3. i not sure how evil or how lovely the effect of sugar is. i know a finnish homestaed and primitivist lasse nordlund who lives up in the north of karelia, finnland. Finnish karelia he found a technique to make marmelade without sugars by turning them. its somethng what he is calling enrgi. he has textes in german russian finnish and english. He has a small self sufficent farm in north of karelia.

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