News: I Have A Book Deal!

Photo by Sara Gray

I am very happy to announce that as of today, I am officially an author in the making: I have a contract with New York publisher Globe Pequot to write a narrative nonfiction book!

Thanks go out to: My esteemed agent Jane Dystel; the wonderful Patsy Sims, director of the creative nonfiction writing MFA program at Goucher College, in which I am a student, and to my mentors and colleagues there; and you, my readers, who inspire me to do what I love.

This project is as yet untitled. I cannot discuss the contents except to say that I feel this book is my calling, that it will be full of great passion and great fun, and that it will be very special, unlike anything else on the bookstore shelves.

19 thoughts on “News: I Have A Book Deal!

  1. Not surprised! Congrats! I am now deep into learning foraging and I find this blog really speaks to me. I’ve gone back and read all of your archived posts and they’re just great — even the pictures are so much more representative and useful for finding the plants than so many others I’ve seen. I look forward to all your posts and will definitely buy a copy of your book when it ‘blooms.’ You’re a natural writer.

  2. I am very happy for you and I look forward to purchasing a copy – in hardcover if possible.
    Please keep up your blog .. it is a bit of sanity in a crazy world.

  3. Congratulations! I hope to hear more when you release the book. Thanks for your work on First Ways. I”m always learning from your research.

  4. Congrats Becky! Yay! Great work on making this happen! I’m sure your book will be a huge hit in the ever growing frugality and disaster preparedness circles. :) I’m looking forward to buying a copy. :)

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