Audio Exclusive: Urban Foraging Podcast

Photo via Organic City Sounds

Ever wonder what an urban foraging walk sounds like? Wonder no longer. Click above to listen to a plant identification tour and interview I did with Evan Tenenbaum, the journalist, blogger and podcast creator behind Organic City Sounds.

As we snacked on wild food and looked at medicinals, we also talked about Portland’s hunter-gatherer history and my philosophy on foraging.

Evan writes: “Walking down a city street with Becky is like going on a nature walk, as she is constantly spotting seemingly normal plants and revealing their hidden ‘talents’. Whether you’re hungry, feeling sick, or looking for something to roll up and smoke, this week’s post has something for everyone.”

You can see the full post on Evan’s blog here.

Let me know what you think about what I had to say.

7 thoughts on “Audio Exclusive: Urban Foraging Podcast

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. I want to go out in Baltimore and find some of this stuff. I keep finding mushrooms (a lot on Goucher’s campus, I walk there through the woods these days) and I wonder about them.

    • Quite good, Paz! Thank you for asking. I’m discovering differences in my book-length voice, compared to my blog. My book writing is more humorous, more colorful, and likes almost nothing better than to make readers laugh. It is a long-going project of course but it’s much more fun than I expected. How are things in Shasta?

  2. This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing and putting foraging in such a fresh and modern yet deep and timeless light! I have started foraging this year in Brooklyn, NY and I get a lot of the same feelings described here — recognizing the plants as creatures and preferring this style of local eating over growing my own. The fact that food is at our fingertips for free and in cool places is such a comforting and fun idea and it feels great :)

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