Spring Foraging Classes

Amaranth, one of the neighborhood highlights.

In response to much demand, I’ve added some dates for urban foraging classes this spring. I’m also going to be scheduling some new plant classes in nearby wilderness areas soon, for those of you who’d like to explore a more traditional version of the wilderness.

Urban Foraging 101 is a fun, unique, info-packed class in which I teach you how to identify and sustainably harvest an amazing array of common wild edible and medicinal plants of the city. You will learn: safety tips, what to do with the plants at home (food, medicine, etc.), how they were historically used and resources for further learning. Our class begins with a walking tour; later we sit down as a group to meditate in a quiet place and tap into our intuitive connection with plants to explore an ancient way to learn about plants, using a mystery tincture. You will also have the opportunity to smoke (legal) wild herbs if you wish.

Classes are held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends in the Alberta Arts neighborhood.

Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day) <– only Sunday class listed
Saturday, May 19
Saturday, June 23
Saturday, July 21

$20 to $25 donation requested

Reviews of my class can be found on the classes page. (Spoiler: Everyone had a blast).

Class sizes are limited. RSVP is required. To sign up, e-mail your name and the date you’d like to attend to RebeccaELerner[at]gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Spring Foraging Classes

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Just found your blog and look forward to using some of your ideas and philosophy on foraging and fishing. Am living in China, down south in clear sky Yunnan where there is plenty of good local produce and some game (http://chinaharvest.blog.com/). I am very excited about the resurgence of foraging, seems to be very big in north america.. Here there is much to forage, mainly in the pine forests where there are mushrooms galore. Will make your site a regular visit.


  2. Aww man, I wish I lived a lot closer. The trip from SC would be a bear! This looks to be a really great site though, thank you so much for setting this up Rebecca! I stumbled upon it while I was looking for some wild edible online resources and kinda spent the past hour reading the various posts. I’m probably a novice at best, but I’ve gotten a good search image with chickweed, sheep sorrel, wild mustard, henbit, and… well dandelion isn’t exactly a difficult one I suppose. I’m the only forager I know of in the upstate besides my botany teacher in college. I’ve been debating spreading some of what I’ve been learning to others around here. Is there any chance you could give me some pointers? I’m itching to get out there either way though, can’t wait to enjoy my favorite edibles and find new species this year!


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