How to: Hawthorn Flower Medicine

Hawthorn is a heart medicine widely used to stabilize erratic heartbeat, moderate high blood pressure, and heal angina and arteriosclerosis (hardened arteries). It’s also popular as a medicine to heal the spiritual and emotional trauma of heartbreak and heart ache.

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Late spring is the perfect time to make hawthorn medicine with the flowering twigs.

To make an extract, pour alcohol (grain alcohol, vodka, or brandy diluted with water to 60% or 120 proof) over the flowering twigs in a glass jar. The ideal proportions are one part fresh herb to two parts liquid menstruum (that’s the alcohol solvent), according to late great herbalist Michael R.S. Moore. Cover the jar and place in a dark closet for four to six weeks.

The dose is 15 to 30 drops (from a medicine dropper) up to four times per day for acute conditions, tapering to two to three times per day after three weeks, according to Moore.
I’ve written about how to make hawthorn medicine with the berries using glycerin instead of alcohol, here; how eating the berries helped heal my dog’s erratic heartbeat, here; and how to prepare the berries as food here.

If you want more help identifying hawthorn, this is a good link.

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