New Plant Classes

Yours truly foraging in an overgrown alleyway / Photo by Darren Hartman

* I’ll be offering a free plant identification walk at 3 p.m. at the ResiliencePDX community disaster preparedness expo on Saturday, June 2, outside the King School in northeast Portland. Come stop by and learn how to survive the apocalypse locally. (This will be an abbreviated version of the beginning of Urban Foraging 101 classes).

* Teri Lysak of Cascadia Wild is going to be teaching a special Forest Ecology Class for First Ways on Sunday, June 10. She’ll cover native tree identification, forest health, succession, plant communities in different habitats, and much more. Check out the details here.

* Urban Foraging 101 classes are happening one Saturday per month all summer. The plants change as the season progresses, so even if you’ve come to one class in the past, you’ll always have an opportunity to learn more when you come back. Upcoming dates are June 23, July 21, and August 18.

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