How to Eat Acorns: Video Part 1

In the short and sweet video above, I explain and demonstrate the first part of the process of turning acorns into food using Stone Age tools in my urban apartment.

In Part 2 of my acorn series, I’ll explain what leaching is and how to do it. In part 3, I’ll share some easy recipes I tried with them.

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10 thoughts on “How to Eat Acorns: Video Part 1

  1. Great to see you doing this, Becky.

    I raked up a couple gallons of acorns just before the rains came this fall. For some reason they were already rotting in the shell. Now I know to check my acorns before I spent too much time gathering them.

  2. Thanks for the info Becky! I was with a couple friends the other week and the acorns looked so scrumptious and I couldn’t resist, but man did I have raisin face haha. One of my friends went “if acorns could be eaten, someone would’ve already figured out how to”; can’t wait to share this with her! And looking forward to your next posts. Cheers.

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