Botany Coloring Book & Other Gift Ideas

2012-12-15_23-38-10_84If you’re looking for ideas on what to give your plant-nerd friends this holiday season, may I recommend “The Botany Coloring Book” by Paul Young? It’s a fun coloring book for grown-ups that is deeply informative. Each page has a different theme, from how 9780064603027-2plants turn sunlight into food, to pollination, to classification. We get to learn about everything from moss to fungi to algae. It’s pretty intensely scientific, which is why it’s sometimes listed as required reading for college-level botany courses. The advantage for foragers is that not only is it far, far cheaper than taking a college course, it’s more enjoyable, especially if your preferred learning style is visual or hands-on.

Some other great gift ideas for forager friends and herbalists:

* A gift certificate to Mountain Rose Herbs, which is a very high quality, sustainable, ethical company based in Eugene, Oregon, that sells candles, herbal wall calendars, medicine-making supplies such as tincture bottles and salve tins, tea, bulk herbs, their own in-house medicines, and more. All of their herbs are organic or wildcrafted sustainably.

* A unique, handmade gift you find on Poppy Swap, which is much like Etsy but for herbal goods instead of jewelry and crafts. A great way to support small-scale folk herbalists.

* Delicious wild food items you have a surplus of, such as wild urban blackberry syrup, hand-picked black walnuts!

What will you be giving your friends and family this holiday season?

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  2. Thanks for this – I’m just starting a Botany module on my garden design course and, as a visual learner, this colouring book looks hugely helpful. I’ve gone straight onto Amazon and ordered myself a copy (hopefully in time for Christmas). Aaaaah, the benefits of the internet …. !

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