Media Love for ‘Dandelion Hunter’

Photo by Brent Wojahn/ The Oregonian

Photo by Brent Wojahn/ The Oregonian

Publishers Weekly
Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness
“This may be the funniest herbal adventure you’ll ever read.”

Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness
“An uplifting tale of contemporary self-sufficiency.”

The Oregonian
Portland urban forager explores city’s edible weeds
“Lerner’s writing style is similar to her personality — frank, humorous, edgy, with an environmental bent.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Watch video: Urban Forager Rebecca Lerner Returns as the Dandelion Hunter
“She is part explorer, part advocate for natural medicine, part historian, part journalist and storyteller…Lerner gives an autobiographical account of her experience combing the streets of Portland, learning and sharing tips on how foraging fits into a modern lifestyle. She also talks a lot about transformation, a concept with which she has a good deal of personal experience.”

Willamette Week
Rebecca Lerner, Dandelion Hunter
“Like any Portlander, you’ve no doubt already planned your survival tactics for the impending zombie apocalypse—weapons, allies, a practical yet fashionable ensemble. But how long would canned goods sustain you? Eventually you’ll need to search for food…Dandelion Hunter will leave you looking at your yard differently.”

Eugene Register-Guard
Author forages for secrets of survival in a city
“There’s a lot to be said for — and in — “Dandelion Hunter,” including vignettes of like-minded friends and their own foraging experiences. It’s like that throughout, a foraging not only of food but also information about science, philosophy, nutrition, environment, medicine and friendship. Altogether, a filling read.”

Lavida Locavore
Book Recommendation: Dandelion Hunter
“By using her own experiences to construct a narrative, she teaches readers valuable lessons about foraging foods…an incredibly enjoyable introduction to foraging from a very human perspective.”

Punk Domestics
Dandelion Hunter: Review and Giveaway
“Through Lerner’s eyes Portland unfolds like a pop-up book of useful plants. What to the lay person’s eye might look like weeds emerging from a crack in the pavement or the impenetrable thicket of an overgrown yard becomes a virtual Garden of Eden. The plants leap out to her, speak to her. Indeed, by the end, they become nearly human. After reading this book, you may think of your next trip to the park as more of a family reunion.”

Wild Food Girl
Ode to the Dandelion Hunter
“I appreciate a good story as much as I do good information, and this book has both…I loved it.”

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  1. so happy to see you receive this recognition. Read the first book for myself and sent 4 to friends. Well done!

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