Wanted: Women Who Love Weeds

Painting by Jenn Finn

Painting by Jenn Finn

Portland artist Jennifer Finn is seeking “women who love weeds” and “who have a deep relationship with the earth around their homes — and particularly women who have a specific plant that grows repeatedly in their yards” to participate in an art project that will involve being photographed, interviewed, and possibly painted, too.

She adds, “Side note: In order to participate you would have to be willing to let your weed grow in a small portion of your yard so that I can see it, photograph it, and research it.” Due to these logistics, Jenn’s seeking participants in the Portland area only.

“I can’t monetarily compensate anyone for participating, but I’m hoping that we will all learn a lot, that it will be fun, and that it will produce some astounding works of art. And I’m envisioning a Women and their Weeds potluck at some point over the summer,” she says.

For more info on Jennifer’s work, visit her website at http://www.jennfinn.com
Contact her by e-mailing ImogenLovely@hotmail.com
Attention, Portlanders: The last class I am offering for the public is the herbal medicine making class this coming Sunday (details here).

I am, however, happily available for hire by private groups and individuals! For rates and info, click here. And I have heard all the requests for videos for those of you who live far from me, and I am working on it. 😉

If you happen to live in the Willamina, OR, area,
 then you can join me for an amazing afternoon eating delicious raw vegan food, making your own tincture, smoking herbs and meditating with plant spirits, AND going on a plant ID walk on Sunday, August 18! Sign up by July 15 here.

9 thoughts on “Wanted: Women Who Love Weeds

  1. sadly…not close to the west…sigh…but if her weedy women show goes on the road…hope she stops in Ontario! :)
    weeds shmeeds….weed is a term used by people who don’t know what the plant is or what its used for.

  2. WOW!!! I wish I was over there! Can we take some photos over here and send you some images as encouragement? LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!!

  3. I live in the garden state of New Jersey. I wish you were closer because I’d love to participate in the women and weeds project. Weeds are only misplaced flowers. Have you ever seen a field covered in wild yellow mustard plants or Queen Ann’s lace growing along the country roads along side wild orange lilies in the early morning mist. It’s just as beautiful as my tended flowers beds. The lovely blue flowers of wild chickaree are amazing basking in the hot summer sun attracting cabbage moths.
    So you see it’s only the way we perceive the definition of what weeds are. Respectfully, Linda B the Good Witch and Little Leaf of Green Branch. PS My motto to live by is if you have a garden and a library you have everything you need!

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