The Perks of a First Ways Upgrade

2013-09-12_16-36-17_966Just two days ago, I used Facebook to launch an IndieGoGo campaign — I’m raising funds to pay for upgrading First Ways — and we’re already more than 50% to our funding goal, with 17 days left to go! Wow! Is it because you really love First Ways, or because everybody’s excited about the perks, which make great holiday gifts? I’m offering signed copies of my book; custom-made magic medicine bags stuffed with pretty crystals and dried herbs, and then infused with the intention of your choice and mailed to your doorstep; my services as a human field guide — and even my secret nettle spot is up for grabs! Click here to check out the awesome goodies.

The vision for the site upgrade is to:

  • Keep the blog content as free as it’s always been
  • Get rid of the annoying Google pop-up ads
  • Increase the functionality of the existing content so that it’s an even better resource — for example in terms of the Search Plants page, where currently, you can’t click the photos to get info, only the captions. I want to fix this!
  • Make the site financially sustainable for me to continue investing time in by laying the groundwork to offer high quality plant identification videos, downloadable PDFs, medicine making tutorials, and other creative, useful items. I would like to be blogging more frequently, and this would make it possible.

In order to make this vision a reality, I need your help to offset the cost of:

  • Upgrading the site, and transferring it safely off*
  • Paying for ongoing hosting, with bells & whistles, spam filters and security gizmos
  • Compensating a web designer for assisting me with consulting and getting rid of the bugsIf you’ve benefitted from the information I’ve been sharing on this website over the past five years or so, please consider contributing to the cause, sharing the campaign with a friend, or just checking out the awesome perks! They do make excellent presents for the holiday season.
  • *Because of the funding that’s already occurred, I’ve been able to initiate phase one of the transfer!!! Yay! Let’s keep it going and make this site amazing.

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  2. I helped with the fund rasier because of the Perks :) Also,I view you as an important part of the community, so if you need help, then I am glad to be apart of it. I have no doubt you will reach 100% !

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