News: Virtual Courses Now Available!

It’s *finally* here! After much demand and many hours of work, the first in a series of distance lessons is finally available! Covering 10 useful, common wild plants found around North America and Europe, and shot specifically for at-home viewers, this Virtual Plant Walk is just like having me come to your house and take you on a private, one-on-one guided tour! Enjoy this free 5-minute preview on stinging nettle below as my gift to you.

The full video also includes 9 other plants: cleavers, lemon balm, everlasting pea, mullein, red clover, sorrel, plantain, money plant (“honesty”), and wild chamomile.

As a present for my loyal blog subscribers, I am also sharing a special discount code with you that will work only for a limited time that gives you $4 off! Enter code “FirstWays” to save and get your learning on right now:

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