Chickweed Spirit Medicine

ChickweedChickweed, Stellaria media, is an edible and medicinal weed you can easily find growing in the winter-time. From a metaphysical perspective, it has a playful, gentle spirit and shows up to help those who are taking life too seriously and need to have way more fun and lightheartedness in order to regain a state of health and balance.

Chickweed also often pops up to help those who are closed off to spirit, due to socio-religious programming, but who desire to become more receptive to divine guidance and healing. Look for it only a few inches tall, sprawling across sidewalk strips or in raised planters. You can identify chickweed by the very fine line of peach fuzz style hair that grows up along the stem and switches sides at each leaf juncture. It looks a bit like a Chinese staircase twirling around, and when it blooms with tiny white star-shaped flowers, I like to think of it as a stairway to the stars. The Latin name Stellaria hints at this, too.

To bring chickweed’s spirit medicine into your life, pick it fresh and eat it — it’s a wild edible that goes well in salads, but chop it fairly finely. Or you can make a chickweed tincture with glycerin or apple cider vinegar to preserve it and extract its essence.

As a physical medicine, chickweed is a refrigerant, which means it helps cool a fevered body, and it’s also a demulcent, emollient (soothing if rubbed on the skin), and mild diuretic.

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