The Secret to Powerful Plant Medicine

The secret to making powerful plant medicine, whether you intend to use it for physical or metaphysical purposes, begins with building a relationship with plants. There are many ways to do this.

The four things I like to do during the harvesting process are:

1) Sharing my intention with the plant

2) Asking permission, and waiting to receive an answer without attachment

3) Making an offering

4) And then harvesting the plant in such a way as to do minimal harm both to it and the community of plants and animals around it.

Humans are boundlessly creative beings, and so there are many, many ways to do each of these things. Tonight I was inspired to create a mini-podcast sharing some techniques that I use, and elaborating on this subject in general. It’s called “Making Powerful Medicine: Building Relationships with Plants.” Because sharing this information is a service to the plant world, it is my pleasure to offer it completely for free here. That link will give you an mp3 file to download. Please enjoy and feel free to share it widely.

After you listen to it, in the comments, I’d love to get your feedback and hear about your own approach, if you are inspired: What are some special things you like to do to build relationships with the plants you work with?

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