Review: “Foraging with Kids” by Wildman Steve Brill

KidsCoverWildman Steve Brill’s new book, “Foraging with Kids: For Teachers, Parents & Grandparents,” is vying for a top spot on my list of favorite foraging guides because it’s jam-packed with wonderful botanical illustrations, full-color photos diagrammed with helpful terminology, folklore, and especially, inspiring and creative ideas for wild edibles that just about anybody would enjoy, including:
* making dandelion petals a pizza topping
* freezing violet flowers in ice cube trays to decorate drinks
* wood sorrel-miso soup
* cattail pudding
and much more.

The cover features Steve and his expert forager daughter, Violet, on the cover. The concept is that this is a book for educators who will work with kids, and science teachers and homeschool parents will appreciate Steve’s thoughtful suggestions of tie-ins between the world of edible wild plants and scientific concepts such as natural selection, the dangers of herbicides in ecosystems, the nitrogen cycle, and parasitism. But I think it’s great for anyone who is serious about learning to identify wild plants. Just check out these wonderful images:

10379972_10103881631356529_8219874635278652099_oYou may already be familiar with Steve as New York City’s premier foraging educator for more than thirty years, or as the published author of the excellent foraging resources “Wild Vegan Cookbook” and “Identifying & Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places,” and if so, then you know what a valuable resource he is. This newest effort is a worthy addition to the collection: At nearly 400 pages, it is quite the comprehensive endeavor, covering fruits, nuts, flowers, seaweed, and a selection of mushrooms, too.

Bottom line? Highly recommended. Whether as a gift for yourself, an educator, a parent, or even a foraging enthusiast who doesn’t fit those categories and may not work with kids, this book is a great investment. As it is self-published and not available on Amazon, get your copy signed and directly from Steve right here.


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  3. Thanks. Identifying & Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places, was my first ‘wild food book’. It was a great entry into this world. I’ll be sure to check out his new book.

  4. Thank you so much for the great review, Becky. A couple of small corrections: I don’t just lead foraging tours in NYC, but also throughout the Greater NY region, as far as Philadelphia, and I haven’t just written the two books you mentioned. I also wrote Shoots and Greens of Early Spring, and the iOS/Android app, Wild Edibles.

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