Medicine for the Autumn Chaos


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In Indian herbalism (Ayurveda), the autumn is considered a time of increased “vata,” which is dynamic air energy that can feel very destabilizing. As a result, a lot of people are feeling ungrounded, off, confused and overwhelmed right now, so if you’re one of them, consider yourself a sensitive person who is experiencing something very normal right now! This season is all about transition, change, decay, and sometimes chaotic energies.

If you’re very sensitive, you’ll be affected not only by the atmosphere but also by other people’s reactions to this. That can look like a mess, because vata times are when addictions and compulsions and other imbalanced coping mechanisms tend to flare up. People can be unreasonable too because of the natural human tendency in these circumstances to cling to intense emotions, strong beliefs and judgements because they may feel more stable.
You can stabilize yourself by grounding in your body and practicing healthy self-care to soothe: take baths, keep to routines of bedtimes and wake up times, keep your blood sugar stable by eating frequently (and not sugary if possible), exercise, and be outdoors. Stay centered in your heart and do whatever you can to have fun and relax. The upside of these energies is that they are great for creativity! This is a perfect time to write, paint, dream or make! And it is very conducive to meditation, too.

If you are a yang energy sort of person who is used to “taking the bull by the horns” and powering through challenges, this time can be especially difficult, because due to the intense energetic atmosphere, often the best thing to do is the exact opposite: Nothing! But doing nothing is not actually doing nothing — it’s being in stillness, allowing the flow of life and spirit the space to work miracles for you. The plant spirit passionflower would be a great ally for you if you need help relaxing and being still. Just take a couple drops of the tincture to connect with the plant and open yourself to merging with it; you’ll feel yourself centering and grounding.

In the body, increased vata energy causes feelings of anxiety and ungroundedness. Some foods that are used in Ayurveda to help balance the vata energy in the body are hot beverages like tea, fatty foods, dairy, heavier sweet foods such as mangoes and avocados, ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon, and other warming chai type spices. Dry or excessively cold foods such as smoothies and popcorn will aggravate vata.

Sweet Root, aka Sweet Cicely, Osmorhiza spp., is an excellent plant spirit remedy for those who need extra help feeling safe, secure, and connected to the Earth during this intense time.

 The time of change can also bring many challenges that require extra support to get through. If you’re having a hard time right now, shamanic Reiki energy work is an amazing option. I’m here for you. I do distance sessions over the phone that are very powerful and if you’re local, you can come see me in person in Portland on NW 23rd Ave & Johnson St. by appointment. I’ve got testimonials on my Plant Spirit Reiki website and on Yelp that you can check out, too. Reach out to me by email at RebeccaELerner(at) when you’re ready to book.

I’m wishing you all the very best. Be gentle with yourself. 
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  1. Way cool counterpoint to Mercury in retrograde. Nice prompt to give thanks and appreciate the co-motion of the planet — the season of contraction, of bringing the sun to hearth and home, and the fire of leaf expending its smoldering color change.
    Peace and blessings to the still point focus of the shared heart, and the plant wise spirit — thanks

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