Announcing the First Ways Herbal Apprenticeship!

Do you feel the call to return to nature and heal your tribe? The brand new First Ways Herbal Apprenticeship launches this spring and goes March through August 2015!

What: A 50-hour, six-month program to turn you into a wild medicine-making folk herbalist, plant spirit healer, and urban forager with a heart connection to the wild plants of the Portland, Oregon, area. By the end of the program, you will be able to:

bexcattail* Identify at least 35 wild plants (likely many more), harvest and prepare them as food and medicine
* Feel confident making your own herbal medicines from scratch
* Select the right remedies to help friends and family feel better
* Work with 15 herbs for spiritual and emotional support

Our focus is on firsthand experiential learning, so we w
on’t be sitting in classrooms listening to lectures. We go out into the wilderness and smell, touch and taste the plants where they live. We gather them and dry them and make them into food and medicine from scratch. We use our hearts to perceive their subtler energetic and metaphysical qualities. We cultivate our relations with nature in a very personal way.

How: We kick off with an overnight weekend intensive at a lovely retreat center on the spring equinox, where you get your initiation into the apprenticeship. Then we meet twice per month (and sometimes thrice) on Friday afternoons March through August, around the new moon to go on a wildcrafting hike where we learn to identify the plants and their uses, and around the full moon to commune with the plant spirits in group meditation, learning their metaphysical properties firsthand. We have potlucks and social gatherings, too!

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4 thoughts on “Announcing the First Ways Herbal Apprenticeship!

  1. I would LOVE to take your class. The price is outside my range. Also, I have some health issues that make an over night trip a little difficult. LOVE your book and I dearly want to learn more. Are you going to have something a little more local and easier to get to? If I was in good financial had physical health I would be all over a class like this. Please let me know.

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