Quiz: Which Plant Is Calling You?

Look at the photos below and pick the plant or plants you feel most drawn to, and then scroll down to find out what it’s telling you. Each of these plants has an area of expertise in spirit healing so the one you pick is standing out to you for a reason.

1. Stinging Nettle – If you picked this plant, you have energy blockages in your throat chakra that are interfering with your ability to honestly express yourself to others as well as to yourself. Are you able to say NO to requests, demands or situations that are not good for you? To heal and balance your throat chakra, get some stinging nettle in any form (tincture, tea, capsule, etc) and meditate with the plant, asking it to help you.

2. Hawthorn – If you picked this plant, your heart needs some healing at this time. In particular, you may be grieving a loss. Whether past or present, it is affecting you. Call upon this plant to mend your heart and help you release energies of sadness. This plant will protect your heart as well.

3. Elder – You are going through a life transition at this time. Elder will help guide you as move from one way of being to another, such as a move to a new home or job, entering or exiting a relationship, having a child or losing a parent. Elder lives in firmly in the spirit world and firmly in the physical world, bridging day and night, and also shows up when someone who has passed over would like your attention.

4. Western Red Cedar – The challenges you are facing right now are directly linked to a childhood trauma. Our soul calls situations to us to trigger old pains so that we can heal them. Cedar will lovingly nurture and protect your inner child back to health and wellbeing if you call on her.

5. Passionflower – You are being guided to stop striving to make things happen, and instead make space for Spirit to bring you what you need. This is a good time to meditate and practice the old adage, “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

6.  Oregon Grape – Your life force energy is blocked in your liver, which means you have some anger and frustration you need to release. This is a good time to exercise, write, or work on a creative project.

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  1. thank you I picked number 2 and it is correct. We are losing our Sensei [minister] at the Oregon Buddhist Temple. It has been difficult after 13 years.

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