NEW: Coastal Mushroom Foraging Adventure!

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Mushroom Jordan holds a medicinal reishi mushroom!

Join the First Ways apprentices and professional fungi forager “Mushroom Jordan” Weiss on Saturday September 10 for an adventure in mushroom identification and harvesting hike along Oregon’s north coast! We will be meeting out there at noon in a secret spot Jordan has arranged for us, hike and explore for four or five hours, and then head home with an enviable array of culinary delights!

If you’ve been curious about mushroom foraging, this is truly not-to-miss!

Some of the mushrooms we are likely to collect include:

– Chanterelles(Golden and Rainbow)
– Shrimp russula
– Lobster Mushrooms
– Chicken of the Woods
– Reishi
– Red-belt Polypore
– Artist Conk

And if we are lucky, we may also collect these species:

King Bolete

King Bolete

– Imperial Cat

– King Bolete
– Red-Cracked Cap Bolete
– Oysters
– Prince mushrooms

– Hedgehog mushrooms

The best mushroom field guide, according to Jordan, for our region in the Pacific Northwest is “Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest” by Joe Ammirati and Steve Trudell. He says “All the Rain Promises” by David Arora is a “close second.”

Date: Saturday September 10
Time: Noon to 4 or 5 pm
Where: Secret location on the North Coast, to be disclosed to participants close to date to ensure fruitful harvest

We are limiting this adventure to 20 people total, and half the spots are already taken. So, if this adventure has your name on it, make sure to get your spot now before it sells out! Click here.


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