“The funniest herbal adventure you’ll ever read.” – Publishers Weekly

“If and when the apocalypse arrives, you’ll want Rebecca Lerner by your side – or, at least, her lucidly written new book, in which she and a pack of endearingly odd Portland pals demonstrate how to take locavorism to a whole new level (and provide some unexpected history, biology and mycology lessons in the process). You’ll never look at weeds the same way again.”  — Brian Hiatt, senior writer, Rolling Stone

The entertaining true story of Becky Lerner’s quest to find her inner hunter-gatherer in the city of Portland, Oregon, as she dares herself to live off weeds, digs medicinal roots, eats roadkill and sets off on urban wilderness adventures with quirky friends. Philosophical, spiritual, and info-packed, this book will make you laugh and leave you inspired.

224 pages, paperback, published by Globe Pequot Press, 2013.

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To read an excerpt from the book about consciousness, click here: Plant Consciousness

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  3. Wow…. stumbled upon this site from the tracker’s video..
    excellent kung-fu and you seem a strong warrior of the heart….
    You’re ideas sound refined so keep up the training…
    and thanks for useful plant tips!

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