DANDELION HUNTER is the entertaining true story of my botanical adventures as a budding folk herbalist, including my quest to embrace my inner hunter-gatherer in the city of Portland, Oregon, as I dared myself to live off weeds, dig medicinal roots, and explore the anthropological history of the region. Philosophical, spiritual, and info-packed, this book will make you laugh and leave you inspired!

“The funniest herbal adventure you’ll ever read.” – Publishers Weekly

“If and when the apocalypse arrives, you’ll want Rebecca Lerner by your side – or, at least, her lucidly written new book, in which she and a pack of endearingly odd Portland pals demonstrate how to take locavorism to a whole new level (and provide some unexpected history, biology and mycology lessons in the process). You’ll never look at weeds the same way again.” — Brian Hiatt, senior writer, Rolling Stone

224 pages, paperback, published by Globe Pequot Press, 2013.

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To read an excerpt from the book about consciousness, click here: Plant Consciousness

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  3. Wow…. stumbled upon this site from the tracker’s video..
    excellent kung-fu and you seem a strong warrior of the heart….
    You’re ideas sound refined so keep up the training…
    and thanks for useful plant tips!

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