“There are certain things you can experience in life that change the way you view the world. A plant walk with friendly, hip instructor Becky is one of them.” – Angela H., Urban Foraging 101 attendee

Summer 2015 workshop coming soon. Please check back.

For information about the 2015 Herbal Apprenticeship program, (currently full) click here.




Other herbal educators in and around Portland:
*Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine
*The School of Forest Medicine
* School of Traditional Western Herbalism

The local nonprofit Cascadia Wild has a foraging club.

John Kallas of Wild Food Adventures also offers foraging workshops.

In Eugene, consider the Columbines School of Botanical Medicine and Sharol Tilgner’s classes as well.

Here’s a good list of other herb schools across the country. Some even have distance-learning programs.


21 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Do you know of any correspondence herbalism courses that focus on the plant, the medicines, remedies, identification… ect. That doesn’t involve Plant Magic? I’m baptist, so the calling of corners would be conflicting for me…..

  2. Yes! Enjoying your works. Continue, if it pleases, then please continue!

    Recently moved from living in the piedmont of NC to Seattle, WA. Pleased to find so many familiar edibles in the urban landscape, and excited to learn/experience others. Finally, a month later, settling into new digs on the western side of Friday Harbor, WA, where it seems the land may provide an opportunity to prepare a curious albeit old recipe for pickled skunk cabbage. Laws permitting, of course. Up for a visit?

  3. I see you are at Goucher. It’d be great if you do a class when you are in Baltimore. Shoot me an email, there’s a strong interest in urban foraging/ag here. Can probably get lots of interest.

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    • Hi Ryan.

      I e-mailed you with details. :-) It would be tomorrow (Thurs) at 7 in Highland Park. Write me back for more info at RebeccaELerner(at)

  8. Where in New Jersey are you thinking of having these classes? I really like what you are doing, it is a great idea!

    • Steven:

      Would be in New Brunswick or Highland Park next Thursday night at 7. I e-mailed ya.

      Thanks for your interest!


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  10. I just became aware of your website…one day too late for your Earth Day walk in Portland. I am most interested in attending the next local class you have, and also have a friend that would be, as well.

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