Photo by Leslie Seaton

Photo by Leslie Seaton

Los Angeles Times
“Foraging is green eating at its purest”

Publishers Weekly
Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness

Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness

Utne Reader
“Adventures In Urban Foraging”

BUST magazine

Adbusters online
“Wild Food Diet”

The Oregonian
Portland urban forager explores city’s edible weeds

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Urban Forager Rebecca Lerner Returns as the Dandelion Hunter

Portland Monthly magazine
Foraging the Streets of Northeast Portland

“The Conversation,” a radio show on KUOW (Seattle’s NPR)

Foraging for Food

“Destination DIY,” a podcast and radio show that airs on OPB (Portland’s NPR)
Old School DIY

San Francisco Community Radio – KUSF
Listen here

Mind Over Matters with Diane Horn – KEXP Seattle 
Sustainability segment (listen here)

Your Time With Kim Iverson (nationally syndicated radio)
“Rebecca Lerner: Urban Forager”

KBOO Community Radio (Portland) 90.7 FM 
 “Urban Forager Runs Experiment”

Book Review: Dandelion Hunter

Willamette Week
Rebecca Lerner, Dandelion Hunter

Eugene Register-Guard
Author forages for secrets of survival in a city

Sacramento News & Review
Dinner in the Wild

Boston Globe
“A new movement redefines local food”

The Oregonian
“Portlander tries a holiday diet of only foraged foods”

Portland Tribune
“Trackers go wild in the city”

Chicago Tribune
“Urban Foraging Tips”

Mix magazine
“Field Guide to Foraging in the Northwest: A Few Words From The Wise”

City Farmer News
Can City Girl Live Off Wild Food For A Week In Portland?

Birmingham Weekly
“Those damned tree huggers”

Edible Portland
The Never-Ending Garden

Urban Farm magazine
A Meal on Every Corner

The Oregonian
“The menu includes ant eggs for Portland forager”

World News Network
“Becky Lerner Goes Urban Food Foraging in Portland”

Trend Central
Urban Foraging: More Local Than the Green Market

OutThere Monthly
Find Wild Food

Joie Magazine
Foraging: An Alternative Approach to Nourishment
“Wild Girl Goes Urban Foraging in Portland”
Survival Skills Books

Down and Out

“Wild Girl Forages For Food in Urban Portland”

“Urban Foraging: A ‘Wild Girl’ Lives Off Portland’s Bounty”

Home News Tribune
Rutgers grad gains national attention for urban forager diet
“Could you survive a week eating wild?”



Dark Rye
“The Curious Adventures of Kirk Lombard”

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Waste Not, Want Not

Short documentary that won “best film” at Colorado College Film Festival 2011.

Flux Magazine

KOIN-Local 6 Portland
“Finding Food”

Wellness Mama
Book Review: Dandelion HunterLavida Locavore
Book Recommendation: Dandelion Hunter
Punk Domestics
Dandelion Hunter: Review and Giveaway
“Through Lerner’s eyes Portland unfolds like a pop-up book of useful plants. What to the lay person’s eye might look like weeds emerging from a crack in the pavement or the impenetrable thicket of an overgrown yard becomes a virtual Garden of Eden. The plants leap out to her, speak to her. Indeed, by the end, they become nearly human. After reading this book, you may think of your next trip to the park as more of a family reunion.”The Sprocket podcast
Listen here

Organic City Sounds podcast
Portland Portrait: Urban Foraging

The Essence of Urban Foraging

Cincinnatti Locavore
“Urban Foraging Experiment”

Neighborhood Notes
How to Eat Locally: Spring

The Ferris Files
“A Feast of Weeds”

Groundswell Collective
“Rebecca Lerner, Urban Forager”

QuirkyNomads podcast
“Becky Lerner of First Ways talks about living on nothing but wild food in Portland, Oregon”

Profile: Becky Lerner

Two Frog Home
Fall of Excuses

Wild Food Girl
Ode to the Dandelion Hunter

Fat of the Land
Wild in the City

Backyard Roots by Lori Eanes
All the Money in the World by Laura Vanderkam

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1) It’s the ultimate in local, sustainable food.
2) It’s healthy: Wild plants are packed with nutrients.
3) It’s free: There’s no checkout counter on the sidewalk.

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